A24 Mouse & Rat Trap – Counter Kit

The A24 Mouse and Rat Trap Counter Kit is the basic building block of a Goodnature constant control network. It contains the trapping supplies for up to 6 months of rat/mouse control.

About the A24 Mouse & Rat Trap Counter Kit

HUMANE Kills rats and mice cleanly and efficiently
POISON FREE The traps use no poison eliminating the risk or secondary poisoning completely
MADE TO LAST The rugged construction is designed to withstand all weathers
SIMPLE TO SET Just follow the simple instructions to ensure sucess
FULLY AUTOMATED Each Co2 canister will reset the trap automatically 24 times






Tested in harsh outdoor environments the A24 Mouse and Rat Traps are just as happy in your garden or attic as in the countryside, meaning everyone can carry out effective pest control. When the rodent tries to get to the chocolate food source in the trap, it sets off a trigger housed deep within the feeding tunnel, activating a CO2 powered bolt which instantly and humanely dispatches the target species.
When you set your A24 rat traps, make a note of the date so you know when to do your monthly lure refresh and 6-monthly gas change. As your first year of trapping comes to completion, purchase the Goodnature 1-Year Replenishment Pack for rats & mice.

The pioneering A24 Rat & Mouse trap is capable of dispatching 24 rodents, one after the other. The tailored chocolate formula is safe around wildlife, ensuring only the target species interacts. A well placed A24 can control rodents for up to 6 months, with only a monthly check required.
The A24 bolt mechanism is driven by CO2, when a rat or mouse enters the in-built tunnel, it crawls up to reach the chocolate gel. Sat at the back of the tunnel, the rodent touches the trigger when trying to eat the lure, a bolt then dispatches the rodent, retracts and resets.

Introduction video to the A24 Mouse & Rat Trap Counter Kit

Humane Traps, what are they and do they exist?

The main concern for any one intending to trap a pest species is, “how they can do it humanely.” This is a great attitude, compassion and respect should be shown to all wildlife; especially those species that we aim to control. Quite often, we see the term humane, removed from lethal trapping practices.

Can a lethal trap be considered humane?

Without doubt, the most humane way of controlling pest species is with a goodnature trap. The current mindset throughout integrated pest management is to control rats and mice with rodenticide/toxins. This process involves the rodents visiting toxic bait stations over several days. The animal does not die instantly, suffering stress and disorientation. If the aim is always to dispatch the target species, we believe this should be conducted humanely, instantly and without causing fear.

Humane Rat Traps

The goodnature A24 is widely believed to be the most humane trap available for controlling rats & mice. When the target species interacts with the trap, it is dispatched instantly without any unnecessary suffering. Snap traps can be effective, however there are lots of cases where the rodent is caught by the leg, tail or across the back; not resulting in a humane end. This animal is then held in place, under stress until the person checks the
trap; resulting in the animal needing to be dispatched by hand.

We believe it is our responsibility to put the welfare of wildlife first. Live traps, despite the name are often the most inhumane tool to use when controlling rodents. If the result is to dispatch the rodent that has been caught in a cage trap, it would seem senseless to hold the rodent against its will until that point. The stress, lack of food and water that occurs in these situations bears a heavy toll on the rodent.
When considering releasing the animal into the wild, it should be noted that this would see new dangers arrive for the rodent. Rats are neophobic, they fear new environments/objects. The animal would need to be released well over 500m away, otherwise it would return. This often results in starvation/thirst, stress or eaten by avian/mammal predators as the environment and dangers are unknown. Trapping legislation is continually assessed and revised, ensuring Britain’s wildlife and pest species are managed responsibly and humanely.

Humane traps do exist, they are the ones that dispatch the target species quickly, without suffering and pose the least threat to non-target species. When any form of trapping is to be considered, we would ask you to look at what is to be achieved, and how best it can be implemented to reduce unnecessary suffering. As a nation, Britain is one of the most animal loving and empathetic. We are all guardians of Britain’s wildlife & countryside, simple changes in our actions can result in native species thriving. To achieve this, we are often faced with problems that stem from the impact of non-native species; animals and plant life. Himalayan balsam, Japanese knotweed and American signal crayfish are removed with little asked of our ethics. Perhaps if we removed the objective speciesism bestowed on visually appealing invasive species, our collective conscience would feel more at ease when controlling them humanely.


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