M1200i fence energizer


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The M1200i is an extremely powerful, intelligent fence energizer that is suitable for multiple wire fences up to 32 km.

Read everything about the i-Serie here

A unique aspect of I-Series energizers is the external display which shows all of your fence information (e.g. voltage, faults and fault location) in a convenient location up to *50 metres from the energizer. *(3m wire included)
The energizer can also be operated and turned on/off from the external display and you get immediate notification of power loss e.g. if a branch has fallen onto the fence or a wire has been cut.
The M1200i has adaptive control, meaning that if it detects a short on the fence it will automatically increase the charge to compensate, ensuring reliable, high performance livestock control.
When combined with the i-series SMS module you receive a text message on your mobile phone or alarm centre in the event of a power cut caused by a branch on your fencing or vandalism.
The Gallagher M1200i can be expanded with various i-Series accessories, including an i-Series alarm system, flashing light, siren and/or SMS module.

NB: The separate i-Series Remote control and i-Series Fence monitor accessories are not suitable for use with the M1200i.

  • Register now and receive 7 years of warranty on this product!
  • An intelligent fence system that provides fence information at a glance, informing you of any problems immediately
  • Monitor the status of your fence and operate your energizer from a convenient location, with the external display
  • When combined with the optional i-series SMS module you will receive a message on your mobile phone or alarm centre in the event of a power cut
  • Suitable for multiple wire fences up to 32 km.
  • Adaptive control ensures reliable, high performance livestock control


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